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Morrison Healthcare Dietetic Internship Experience

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Length of Program: 28 weeks full time intern; 35 weeks for part time intern with completion of a minimum of 1000 hours of supervised practice. Internship starts each September. 

Number of students in the program: 80 full time and 2 part time

Type of program: Distance education internship program
This program includes the structure and guidance for supervised practice completion, and online supplemental didactic training by means of and training modules and webinars.

We are a unique distance program in that we provide all of the rotation sites for our interns. Interns are required to complete their supervised clinical practice and food management rotations in a Compass/Morrison managed facilities. 

For designated cities that host the internship’s practicum rotations, go to Rotation sites tab. The intern will be assigned to one city/location and complete all rotations in that location.

The work week is 40 hours per week, Monday – Friday.  Part time interns are 24 hours per week and participate based upon an agreed schedule during the regular work week of Monday – Friday.

Online Training, E-based Scenario Learning, and Classes:
To help prepare the intern for his or her upcoming supervised practice experience, online modules and/or e-based scenario learning experiences are provided as pre-work prior to each rotation. Online quizzes are provided throughout the clinical rotations. At the end of the clinical and food managment rotations, interns complete a comprehensive examination. 

Interns will participate in scheduled online classes throughout the program.  These sessions will be coordinated by the internship director and include live presentations on relevant topics from experienced speakers, and presentations provided by interns.

Professional meeting attendance is part of the program.

Student Status
Dietetic interns are considered Morrison students.  As Morrison students, they are entitled access to the company’s intranet sites that enhance their learning as an intern.

Rotations and Concentrations:
Dietetic interns must participate in a week long orientation session in Atlanta, GA at the beginning of the internship.  Rotations for the internship include foodservice management, clinical nutrition, community wellness, long term care, and a rotation in their concentration area of choice.  The internship provides all required sites for the intern in their designated location/cities.  Rotation sites may be within an 80 mile radius of the designated location/city.

Concentration areas available:

  • Clinical Nutrition: Additional advanced practice will be provided and include complex medical conditions.  This concentration will also include assessment of these conditions and education.
  • Healthcare Food & Nutrition Services Management: Additional advanced training will be provided and include financial management of healthcare food & nutrition services and analyzes of retail sustainability and corporate responsibility products/initiatives.
  • Long Term Care: Additional advanced practice in preparation of implementing Center of Medicare standards, implementing nutrition standards for residents with dementia, and understanding the ethics and application of end-of-life decisions.

Morrison Healthcare Dietetic internship
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